White House Press Secretary Psaki holds first press briefings

Takes over from Trump Administrations Kylie McEnaney

White House Press Secretary Psaki
  • Will bring back truth, transparency to briefing room
  • that she will participate in WHO meeting tomorrow
  • Biden’s 1st foreign leader call will be with Canada’s Trudeau on Friday
  • early leader calls will be with partners, allies
  • administration intends to return to regular health briefings
  • getting cabinet is front and center for president Biden (no cabinet members have been approved by the Senate)
  • plan to meet soon with congressional leaders on Covid
  • Covid relief package was not designed with $1.9 trillion as a starting point but based on need for special proposals
  • we are at the beginning of negotiations on Covid relief plan
  • clear preference is to move forward with bipartisan bill
  • will have more from health experts on schools reopening
  • follow on diplomacy will lead to constraints on Iran nuclear program
  • plans for Iran negotiations will be part of Biden’s early consultation with allies
  • more details on use of Defense production act for vaccine distribution tomorrow
  • Biden will leave the mechanics of running impeachment trial to Congress