As expected, Biden signs executive orders

Getting started with the new Biden administration

As expected, Pres. Biden has signed a series of executive orders:
  • revocation of Keystone XL oil pipeline permit
  • document rejoining Paris climate cord
  • and to travel ban on some majority-Muslim countries
  • memo aimed at strengthening DACA program
  • executive order requiring mask wearing and federal buildings and on federal lands
  • end of emergency declaration used to divert funds to build wall on the US – Mexico border

The president also expressed that former Pres. Trump wrote a “very generous letter”.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill,
  • Sen. Schumer says the Senate works best when they work together
  • Schumer adds that the Senate will work differently with Democratic majority
  • Sen. Reed says timing for Lloyd Austin Department of Defense vote will go through committee as soon as possible
  • Senate Minority Leader McConnell congratulates VP Harris and welcomes new centers
Having the day off in the NY session to absorb the inauguration ceremonies, I am filled with hope for a more united political environment which hopefully extends to the general public.  Having said that there will be disagreement and those that can’t “let it go”.  Also, with the margins in the House and Senate very close, it will keep the checks and balances in place and hopefully encourage cooperation and compromise from both sides of the aisle.
There is something refreshing about a new beginning.  Let’s hope and pray for the best for all.