Germany reports deadliest day of the pandemic, with over 1,000 deaths recorded

Germany reports 1,129 deaths in the latest update today

That marks the deadliest day of the pandemic for Germany, with another 22,459 new coronavirus cases reported in today’s update. The case count has been lower in the previous days, owing to the holiday period but is seen picking back up again.
Meanwhile, the total death count has now risen to 32,107 persons with there being over ~352,500 active cases across the country.
According to local media, the contagious UK virus strain variant (B1.1.7) has been circulating among the German population since November already.
That in part may explain the virulent surge in infections amid lockdown measures being implemented since then to try and curb the virus spread.
In terms of healthcare capacity, there are 5,649 (+52) virus patients requiring intensive care as of yesterday with 4,728 (18%) intensive care units still available.