FDA advisers votes 17-4 in favor of Pfizer vaccine. Approval imminent

Panel votes on Pfizer vaccine

Panel votes on Pfizer vaccine
The vote was 17-4 with one abstention after an all day meeting. Call me crazy, but I would like to hear from the four people who voted against it.
The vote is for an emergency use authorization. Expect the US to approve the vaccine immediately, or tomorrow at the latest. Vaccinations will begin on the weekend or Monday depending on CDC approving protocols for who gets it first (the elderly and long-term care workers).
Some market participants see the approval as a risk-positive step but it should be wholly priced in. At the same time, I don’t see any kind of sell-the-fact trade here either.
The next candidate to go through this process will be from Moderna and that goes before the FDA committee on Dec 17.
Update: There’s some talk that the the ‘no’ voters might have been about 16-17 year olds and safety for them. The question was if the vaccine was safe for those 16 and older. The dissents might have been about those two years, which is not a big deal.