Five parabolic chart moves to watch

It starts and ends with commodities

Iron ore hit a fresh 7-year high today and has gained almost 50% since the s tart of November.
It starts and ends with commodities
Copper prices are at an 8-year high and have gone straight up since March:
copper chart
Tesla is one of the all-time great parabolic moves and it keeps going higher despite valuations that defy logic. It’s the confluence of the tech and green movements along with the cult of Elon Musk.
Tesla chart
The Spanish IBEX isn’t exactly a classic parabolic market but it was among the world’s best performing markets in November. However, it’s showing signs of stalling out. Are there real worries or is this just a pause before completing the comeback?
Spain IBEX
The Turkish lira is a basket case but the latest move looks like a blow-off. If it can reverse, its’ a good sign for emerging markets everywhere. USDTRY:
What other charts are you watching?