OECD cuts 2021 global forecast, warns governments to maintain support

OECD sees a gradual and uneven global recovery over the next two years

  • 2021 global growth forecast 4.2% (previously 5.0%)
  • 2021 US growth forecast 3.2% (previously 4.0%)
  • 2021 Eurozone growth forecast 3.6% (previously 5.1%)
  • 2021 UK growth forecast 4.2% (previously 7.6%)

OECD chief economist, Laurence Boone, comments on the report:

“Policy still has a lot to do. If public health or fiscal policy falter then we would see a loss of confidence and a much more depressing outlook.”

As per the usual, take these forecasts with a pinch of salt as they are merely sentiment indicators rather than predictors of what is to happen next.