Germany reports 14,419 new coronavirus cases in latest update today

Another 267 deaths reported, the highest daily total since 22 April

The daily case count is sitting higher again after the typical Monday low count but if you want to look at the positives, at least it isn’t growing exponentially and settling in the higher range of tens of thousands of cases.
The 267 deaths reported is the highest since 22 April though, bringing the total tally to 12,814 persons, as the number of deaths has steadily increased in recent weeks.
In terms of healthcare capacity, there are 3,436 coronavirus patients requiring intensive care as of yesterday with 6,950 (25%) units still available across the country.
The increase is not quite nearly the doubling as seen a few weeks back but compared to two weeks ago on 2 November, there were 2,243 coronavirus patients requiring intensive care so that is still an increase of nearly 1,200 patients during the period.
German authorities met up yesterday with Merkel saying that “I could have imagined imposing further contact restrictions today, but there was no majority for that”.
Instead, local authorities are planning to decide next week if further restrictions would be needed going into December, although Merkel did acknowledge that case numbers are stabilising in Germany but still “too slowly”.