Germany reports record 23,542 new coronavirus cases in latest update today

Another 218 deaths reported as well

Despite entering into ‘lockdown light’ on 2 November, the virus situation in Germany is showing no signs of abating just yet.
As mentioned at the time, it may take up to two weeks or more for the trajectory to possibly turn the corner. For now, the only “good” news is that the case count is not exponentially growing despite the record number of infections over the past 24 hours.


There are now over 257,000 active cases across the country and that figure is still gradually increasing, as compared to the ~166,000 active cases on 1 November.
Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus patients requiring intensive care has increased by another 59 to 3,186 persons as of yesterday. That sees the number of available intensive care units fall to 6,587 (24%) across the country.