Germany reports 13,363 new coronavirus cases in latest update today

There is the ‘Monday effect’ to consider though

The lower count over the weekend comes after a record 23,399 new cases were reported on 7 November. Typically the Monday count is always the lowest due to lesser testing over the weekend as we can see with 2 November and 26 October previously (⬆).
Again, it will take some time, possibly up to two to three weeks, to really get a feel of how the virus situation is progressing in Germany as ‘lockdown light’ continues to take effect.
Until then, lawmakers and policymakers will be hoping that the latest restrictions will help address the health crisis. Otherwise, this will continue to keep chipping away at economic prospects as we look towards the new year.
For the ECB, the latest set of restrictions in the euro area means that they will be stepping in with fresh measures in December to help offset the economic damage.