US Election Update: Biden widens lead (except in Arizona but still ahead)

Biden holds lead in key four states.

Former VP Biden continues to hold the lead in the 4 key states.  The leads widened in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada. The lead for Biden narrowed in Arizona, but he still maintains a lead of close to 30,000 in that state.
The summary now shows:
  • Biden: 2,461,455
  • Trump: 2,454,207
  • Biden up by 7,148
  • There are still some provisional votes and other overseas ballots (up to around 8K) which includes military ballots. Regardless of the outcome, there will be a recount
  • Biden 627,104
  • Trump: 606,967
  • Biden leads 20,227
  • There will be another update at noon ET from  the Sec. of State.  There are 124K votes still to be processed with 58,500 mail in ballots. Mail in ballots should be processed by tomorrow.
  • Biden: 1,604,067
  • Trump: 1,574,206
  • Biden leads by 29.861
  • There are 173K more ballots to process including 47K provisional ballots.  Trump needs to win about 59% to pull into the lead.  The next results will be released from Maricopa county at 11 am ET
  • Biden: 3,336,887
  • Trump 3,308,054
  • Biden leads by 28,833
  • The remaining 90K votes are mail in and 100K or so provisional ballots figure to be in the favor of the Biden.  There is expected to be a update very soon.

Pennsylvania will likely be the state that pushes Biden officially over the the top and officially be declared the 46th President.

Pres. Trump has announced on Twitter that his lawyers will have a press conference in Philadelphia at 11:30 AM ET.  “Enjoy!”
Biden holds lead in key four states.