WSJ reports the US election “is tightening in 12 battleground states”

Key point in this polling piece from the Wall Street Journal is it may be 2016 all over again:

  • Mr. Biden’s advantage in swing states is within the poll’s margin of error and corresponds with the many swing-state surveys that show close races and a potential path for Mr. Trump to build an Electoral College majority without winning the national popular vote, as he did in 2016.
In brief:
  • Trump trails by 10 percentage points among voters nationally 
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Mr. Trump, 52% to 42%, in the poll’s final reading of voter opinion before Election Day, essentially unchanged from Mr. Biden’s 11-point advantage in mid-October.
  • the survey finds the race tightening when the landscape is narrowed to a set of 12 battleground states. Mr. Biden holds a 6-point lead across those states, 51% to 45%, compared with a 10-point lead last month
If you are after more, here is the WSJ link (may be gated)