Pres. Trump: Going to have a very big stimulus package

Now that Republican Senators are outta town

Pres. Trump is back saying:
  • Going to have a very big stimulus package
  • He wants and aid package bigger than Pelosi’s

The Republicans have been sent home until after the election earlier this week.  They have been opposed to a bigger stimulus package.  On the other side, Speaker Pelosi has not been looking to compromise from her wishes.

Pres. Trump is speaking on a Jon Taffer podcast.

Other comments:
  • Pelosi doesn’t want stimulus until after election
  • Republicans will win house, do fine with Senate
  • going to do big aid package as soon as election is over
S&P index is currently up 21 points. The NASDAQ index is up 129 points and the Dow industrial average is up 12 points.