New York Times report on Trump holding an account at a Chinese bank

The NYT have popped up an article with further on Trump’s tax filings:

  • China is one of only three foreign nations – the others are Britain and Ireland – where Mr. Trump maintains a bank account
  • The foreign accounts do not show up on Mr. Trump’s public financial disclosures, where he must list personal assets, because they are held under corporate names. The identities of the financial institutions are not clear.
It goes on:
  • In response to questions from The Times, Alan Garten, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, said the company had “opened an account with a Chinese bank having offices in the United States in order to pay the local taxes” associated with efforts to do business there. He said the company had opened the account after establishing an office in China “to explore the potential for hotel deals in Asia.”
Seems reasonable.
The NYT have popped up an article with further on Trump's tax filings: