Stocks close at the highest level since September 2. Dow closes positive for the year

Indices close near the highs for the day

The US stock markets are closed for the day.  All 3 major indices close higher on the day led by the NASDAQ index.

Highlights for the day include

  • Dow’s close positive for 2020
  • Major indices close at the highest level since September 2
  • Dow enjoys its best week in 2 months
  • NASDAQ leads the charge higher today, this week
  • S&P NASDAQ best weeks in more than 3 months
  • Major indices close higher for the 3rd consecutive day
  • S&P closed at 3% below the all-time high
The final numbers are showing:
  • S&P index rose 30.30 points or 0.8% the 3477.13
  • NASDAQ index rose 158.96 points or 1.39% at 11579.94
  • Dow industrial average closed up 161.39 points or 0.57% at 28586.90
For the week, each of the indices enjoy gains of over 3.25% led by the NASDAQ index:
  • S&P index rose 3.84%
  • NASDAQ index rose 4.56%
  • Dow industrial average increase by 3.27%
Year-to-date the NASDAQ still outperforms by a substantial amount:
  • S&P index up 7.63%
  • NASDAQ index up 29.06%
  • Dow industrial average up 0.17%