Alfaazo K Fakir / अल्फ़ाज़ों के फ़क़ीर (Hindi) -#AnirudhSethi

“Love is never outdated, it keeps updating with the time.”

This is all I want to convey through my book “Alfaazo K Fakir”. It is a complete package of feelings, thoughts, imaginations and some of the real stories that I have seen in the society and surrounding in my poetic way.

I haven’t written any poetries I just have tried to pen down some of the real stories that I have seen in my life and others too, some of them I have felt for me and some in the other people.

Basically, it’s a glimpse of the love that occurs in the face and heart of the people who are in love, were in love or they are just thinking of love.

You may have seen people sad when they broke up, happy when they patch up, lost in the deep and beautiful eyes of their lover, talking senseless in the absence of the paramour, amazed and blessed after meeting , totally lurked in the emotional river after their first kiss, drinking after seeing some bitter phase, etc. This is all that I have also examined in the different people and that I have written in this.

I am not that perfect and mature in this segment as I said, but I am feeling ful. I request you all to shower your love by reading my thoughts and experiences interlaced in the form of poetry.