Even Trump-friendly polls are showing him with a huge deficit

Rasmussen Reports has been a Trump-friendly firm since he first arrived as a candidate. It was one of the few pollsters that predicted he would win the Presidency and their numbers are often touted by the President himself.
Today though, they published a poll with Trump losing 52%-40% to Biden with just 4% undecided.
“President Trump’s debate performance followed by his coronavirus diagnosis appear to be digging an even deeper hole for him this week,” Rasmussen said.
RealClearPolitics has Biden up 9.7 points.
Trump Biden
Rasmussen daily Trump approval rating is also at its lowest since June at -15. It had perked up to +4 on Sept 18 but that was the day Ruth Bader Ginsberg died and it’s been downhill steadily since.
Other state polls today:
  • Texas – even
  • Iowa – Biden +1
  • Nevada – Biden +6
  • Ohio – Biden +1
  • Pennsylvania – Biden +13
  • Iowa – Biden +5
  • Florida – Biden +11
Likely a big reason that US equities stormed back today were bets on a blue wave followed by a huge stimulus package.
In the 2016 election, Clinton never hit 50% and there were far more undecideds. It’s going to be very tough for Trump to turn this around.