There is likely to be further selling to go on the Hope Hicks COVID-19 infection news

The reports now are that White House officials were aware the Hicks had contracted the virus on Wednesday evening.

What this means is that Hicks was positive when flying aboard Air Force 1 with Trump on the same day.
Stocks are on the slide as are ‘risk’ trades more widely.
Hicks was also aboard Marine One, the President’s helicopter transport, on Wednesday along with other advisers and staff.  Pictured here walking to board.
hicks trump coronavirus COVID-19
Trump has been taking precautions for months now, distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding close contact where he can. And he is renowned for his scrupulous hand-washing habits. As I said earlier his age and obesity mark him out as being in a high-risk group, like so many of the 200,000+ Americans (and more than a million around the globe) who have perished from the infection. Its good he is taking care of himself.