EURUSD trades to a 7-day high. Tests 50% retracement/swing area

50% retracement 1.1764.  Swing area between 1.1767 and 1.17748

The EURUSD is trading at a new seven-day high brain going back to September 22).  The pair today based near a swing area at 1.1713-1.1718 and was able to extend above yesterday’s highs between 1.17508 and 1.1755.  The sellers are taking a break in this area. A move back below the 1.1750 level may give some buyers some cause for pause (and give sellers against resistance some comfort). However, the range for the day is only a modest 54 pips vs. a 77 pip average trading range for the last month or so. So there is room to roam, if the buyers can stay in control.
50% retracement 1.1764.  Swing area between 1.1767 and 1.17748_
The high has reached 1.1768 so far. That is above the 50% retracement of the move down from the September 10 high, and between swing areas between 1.17675 and 1.17748. Get above 1.1775, and it should open up the door for a move toward the 61.8% retracement at the nice round number of 1.1800.