War breaks out between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Old conflict explodes

map of armenia-azerbaijan
Armenia Prime Minister Nikol Pashiyan declared martial law and a general mobilization after accusing Azerbaijan of “pre-planned aggression.”
The region of Nagorno-Karahakh along with some nearby districts are formally part of Azerbaijan but there have been frequent clashes since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, including one that killed hundreds in 2016.
At this moment, this is a non-event from markets but if Russia or Turkey were to get involved that could change quickly.
Putin expressed “serious concern” and called for a halt to hostilities. Turkey’s Erdogan said it “stand by its Azeri brothers with all its means.” Azeri is a term for¬†Turkic¬†Azerbaijani people.
There have been periodic attacks that recently escalated into what’s now close to full-scale warfare. The Azeri army is using tanks, artillery, missiles and aircraft against Armenian positions.