US futures creep higher on the session

US futures turning around after a softer start

S&P 500 futures are up ~0.1% now while Nasdaq futures are leading the charge, gaining by ~0.6% after having been down by about 0.7% earlier in the day:
The late surge in US equities yesterday is keeping things interesting, with the Nasdaq having nearly erased all of its losses to close just 0.1% lower:

So far, the risk mood is looking in better shape than it was a few hours ago and that could spur some confidence in dip buyers as we look towards North American trading.

If anything, just be mindful of Fed chair Powell’s speech later but we already got the gist of what he has to say later today here.
In the currencies space though, the dollar is keeping a little firmer but gains have been trimmed in the past hour or so. EUR/USD is still lower at 1.1740 but off earlier lows of 1.1720. Meanwhile, AUD/USD is slightly lower at 0.7213 but off earlier lows of 0.7178.