Some Covid statistics for the day in Europe and US

UK, Italy, Florida, New York

Some Covid statistics for the day from the US and Europe

  • Florida cases up 3255 vs. 2355 yesterday. Deaths dipped to 147 from 154 yesterday
  • New York cases 896 vs. 652 yesterday. Deaths come in at 3 vs. 4 yesterday. Hospitalizations are at 486 vs. 483 yesterday
  • UK cases 3395 vs. 3991 yesterday. Deaths 21 vs. 20 yesterday
  • Italy cases 1585 vs. 1452 yesterday
In France their health minister said that the number of people in the highest use with Covid is increasing at a worrying rate.
Officials in the US are worried about a spike after the Labor Day holiday when social distancing was relaxed.
In my home state of Arizona cases rose to 1753 vs. 698 yesterday. Deaths also rose from 27 to 38. The case count is the largest since August 1.