Pres. Trump: He is thinking about decoupling from China

Pres. Trump on China

Pres. Trump speaking in a Labor Day news conference at the White House says
  • possibility of decoupling US economy from China
  • says it would not lead to monetary losses
  • WTO has become much better much nicer to US
  • Because of Biden, China shuttered 70,000 businesses
  • China faces decoupling or massive tariffs from US
  • US will prohibit federal contracts to companies that outsource to China
  • Dems don’t want to make a deal because they know it is good for the economy.
  • He would support prove into DeJoy/donations
  • We may have a vaccine before the election
  • We are doing equally as well on therapeutics
  • For me, the faster the better for a vaccine
  • The most important thing is saving lines