Do Not Override Your System During the Trading Day

  • You should try to express your enthusiasm and ingenuity by doing research at night, not by overriding your system during the day.
  • Overriding is something you should do only in unexpected circumstances – and then only with great forethought. If you find yourself overriding routinely, it’s a sure sign that there’s something that you want in the system that hasn’t been included.
  • You can be creative in research but don’t trade creatively; in other words, stick to your systems.
  • If your trading system is inadequate, you shouldn’t use it. If your system is good, then stick to it faithfully.
  • In the meantime search vigorously for improvement. When the new system is ready you can change to it – you are not thereby failing to stick to your system. So there need be no conflict between persistence and change.