Hong Kong goods to be labelled ‘Made in China’ for export to the US after 25 September – report

SCMP reports on the matter

The report cites a draft US government notice, as to saying that goods made in Hong Kong for export to the US will have to be labelled as ‘Made in China’ after 25 September.
Adding that the move will see Hong Kong companies be subject to the same trade tariffs levied on mainland Chinese exporters.
Despite the move, this isn’t likely to have a significant impact considering Hong Kong has always been a “transit” hub as it serves as a logistical gateway to mainland China for goods coming in and out of the country.
So, this will likely expand the existing $550 billion of US tariffs on Chinese goods but not by a whole lot. That said, the move here is more symbolic more than anything else.
For the US, it is all about sending a message to China that they are dissatisfied with how the whole Hong Kong saga has panned out over the past few months.
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