NASDAQ closes at a record close for the 31st time in 2020

The NASDAQ Stock Market. Known as NASDAQ, is an American stock exchange. NASDAQ , #AFFILIATE, #American, #stock, #exchange, #NASDAQ, #Stock #adMajor indices close near session highs

The NASDAQ index is closing at a record high for the 31st time in 2020. The index moved above the 11,000 level for the 1st time ever, but is closing just below that milestone at 10,998.39.

  • The S&P index closes 2% from its all-time high and is up 4 sessions in a row
  • The Dow led the way with a 1.39% gain and also closed higher for the 4th consecutive day
A look at the final numbers shows:
  • S&P index up 21.21 points or 0.64% at 3327.72. The high price reached 3330.77. The low price extended to 3317.37
  • NASDAQ index closed up 57.23 points or 0.52% at 10998.39. It’s high price reached 11002.11. The low price extended to 10943.72
  • The Dow industrial average surged by 372.84 points or 1.39% to 27201.32. The high price reached 27221.67. The low price extended to 26924.78
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