China warns that ‘meddling’ in Hong Kong could jeopardize Phase One deal

WSJ report

From the report:
Beijing has begun quietly delivering a message to Washington: U.S. pressure over matters China considers off limits could jeopardize Chinese purchases of farm goods and other U.S. exports under the “Phase One” trade deal.
This doesn’t sound like they’re on the brink of any action but it’s not a good sign for relations.
While Mr. Yang reiterated Beijing’s commitment to carrying out the trade deal, he stressed that both sides had to “work together,” said people familiar with the conversations. A Chinese official said that meant “the U.S. side should refrain from going too far with meddling.” The official added, “Red lines shouldn’t be crossed.”
Trump calling it the ChinaVirus and Navarro comparing the virus to the Pearl Harbor attacks isn’t exactly conductive to cooperation.