China’s Global Times says Navarro’s clarification can’t undo damage to phase one trade deal

On Monday evening US time White House trade adviser Peter Navarro really stuck his foot in his mouth.

ICYMI, as it happened:
  • Peter Navarro declares trade deal with China is over
  • Risk trades getting smashed on the Navarro comments that trade deal with China
  • More on White House trade adviser Navarro announcing the trade deal with China is over
  • Trump economic adviser Kudlow confirms the trade deal with China is not over
  • Epic Navarro stuff up –Donald weighs in to clear things up: “China Trade Deal is fully intact”
The GT is not letting him off the hook:
  • Navarro’s irresponsible comments have already had an impact on financial markets and the deal itself. 
  • Navarro has actually cast suspicion on the trade deal with his reckless and contradictory attitude.
  • the phase one trade deal is not the only issue in the US-China economic and trade relationship that requires efforts to eliminate doubts and concerns
  • The US government needs to reflect on all the battlegrounds it has opened against China in recent months
‘Risk’ was quick to bounce back from Navarro’s blunder.