California COVID-19 cases rise 7149 vs 5019 yesterday

Data from the Washington Post

  • 5019¬†yesterday
  • 3.9% vs 2.8% yesterday
  • Yesterday was a record and today is a new record
The LA Times has it at 6652 on their tracker. I trust the numbers above because they’ve been right for a few days. The main newswires don’t tend to pick these up for 5-6 hours.
There’s no doubt this would be an extremely-troubling rise. 7149 cases would mean that California as a country would be the worst in the world after Brazil, the US, India and Russia.
The market is reacting to these numbers with stock futures slipping into the open.
There are some different sources of data and revisions but this is the main picture, and it’s not pretty.
California COVID-19 cases