JoshuaMomoa (Big Mike’s Trading Forum) on Simplicity

  • I currently use NinjaTrader with Zen-Fire (Mirus Futures). I’m a full-time day trader. I primarily use technical analysis for my trading decision but nothing very complicated (support & resistance). I’m not a scalper and I don’t use the DOM to place my orders. I’m trying to catch as much as possible of the intraday swings. I’m not chasing a couple of ticks 50 times a day. I usually place 1 or 2 orders per instrument per day.
  • I’m in the process of opening an account with Advantage Futures but I still can’t decide whether to choose CQG Integrated Client or X_Trader Pro. I’ve decided to change my broker and my trading platform because I’m now trading bigger lots (between 100 and 200 contracts per trade for ES) and I had a lot of problems with the execution of my trades with NinjaTrader and Zen-Fire recently. I want to move to something more “professional”.
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