5 Trading Frustrations

Top Trader Frustrations

  1. I cannot trade my plan!
    • You need to develop the skill to execute your trading plan under duress.
    • Use visualization exercise to see yourself successfully executing your trading plan during the day. The greater level of detail a trader uses in their visualization exercise the greater its effectiveness.
  2. I cut my winning trades too early!
    • Have profit targets
    • Take partial profits
    • Measure each day the missed profits that you could have obtained if you didn’t miss a setup, or if you didn’t cut your winning trades too early.
  3. I am not consistent with my trading
    • Establish a playbook with setups that work for you, and setups that don’t work for you.
    • Define the risk that you should take in setups based on whether they are A+, B, C setups (based on risk/reward and % win rate).
    • Track the amount of risk that you are taking on similar trades, so that the results can be properly analyzed. Risk 30% of your intraday stop loss on a A+ setup, 20% on a B setup, 10% on a C setup, 5% on a Feeler trade.
    • Do a trade review
      • Did I trade the best stocks today?
      • Did I recognize the market structure?
      • Did I push myself outside the comfort zone?
      • Things I did well
      • Things I could improve
  4. I cannot find a profitable trading system
    • Trading is a probability game, setups don’t work all the time, so don’t keep trying and throwing away trading setups without thoroughly testing them.
    • Get exposed to lots of different setups and trade the setups that make the most sense to you and works best for you.
  5. I lack the confidence to take trades
    • Have a detailed trading plan, place orders in advance in possible.
    • Put on feeler trades with 5-10% of the risk that you normally put on. Once you start to become more comfortable you can then put on your regular trades again.