Nikkei 225 closes lower by 0.18% at 21,877.89

Japanese stocks recover to end the day closer to flat levels

Nikkei 29-05

The market is keeping more cautious but any hints of a major risk-off play remains at bay for now, with investors all still waiting on US president Trump’s announcement on China that is to come later in the trading day.

Despite the slightly lower finish, it was still a solid week for the Nikkei as it gained by a little over 7% in trading this week.

Elsewhere in the region, the Hang Seng is currently down by 0.6% while the Shanghai Composite is up by 0.1%; both also off the lows posted earlier in the session.
Looking to the currencies space, the dollar continues to trade lower as the euro breaks higher above 1.1100. USD/JPY is also being pressured closer towards 107.00 currently.
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