South Korea sees fresh spike in coronavirus cases amid outbreak in e-commerce warehouse

South Korea reported 40 new cases in the past day, the highest total in 49 days


This comes after e-commerce firm, Coupang, reported an outbreak at its logistics center located in Buncheon with at least 36 cases linked to the fresh cluster at the moment.

The firm did already say that it has moved to test 3,600 people at its facility after the reported incident. Once again, tracking and tracing is going to be the utmost importance here.
The fear is that it could lead to a widespread community transmission that may result in secondary wave of infections in the country.
If you need reminding, South Korea also had an incident at the start of the month where one infected person who visited nightclubs led to a resurgence in the number of virus cases. As of yesterday, the nightclub-linked cases has increased to 257 persons.