US will test vaccines on more than 100,000 people starting in July – report

Reuters report on the vaccine trial

Reuters report on the vaccine trial
The US plans a massive round of phase 2 vaccine trials in an effort to speed up the timeline for vaccine development to have a mass candidate ready by year-end.
Companies that pass phase one trials, including Oxford and Moderna, will shift to massive phase two trials rather than the small trials that are typical. Each of the vaccine candidates will enroll 20,000-30,000 candidates for a second phase starting in July and centered on workers and places where the likelihood of exposure is high. Many will get a placebo to compare data.
The data will then be shared among the +5 companies that will take part.
A risk among the test subjects is something called ‘disease enhancement’ which causes a vaccine to make the disease worse — something that’s happened in animal trials for vaccines for relatives of COVID-19.
“If all the cards fall into the right place and all the stars are aligned, you definitely could get a vaccine by December or January,” Dr Fauci said.