Japan warns that possible to see new wave of infections before winter

Remarks by Japan’s deputy head of the coronavirus panel, Shigeru Omi


I reckon this is the main worry for many countries, and especially so once international borders start reopening in a more meaningful way.

The whole idea for the world is to move forward while trying to keep the number of infections at a manageable level, but a secondary outbreak – one that is significant – will present a lot of complications and potential problems for many countries.
For starters, it is going to be even harder for governments to reintroduce lockdown measures in fear of public backlash. Remember, this is all a public relations exercise to them.
If they do revert to a nationwide lockdown once again, it could raise some animosity and questions surrounding their competencies in lifting restrictions in the first place.
Much like how no country was willing to go into a full-scale lockdown in the initial stages, it is going to take one country to set an example here – that is if we do get to such a state – before the others will adopt a similar approach. Monkey see, monkey do.