ICYMI – US Senate moves to punish China on coronavirus

From the US afternoon, when equities and risk currencies dropped away …. or more accurately, continued to drop away …

US Senator Lindsey Graham, (persistent brown nose to Trump), weighing in yet again to try to cover up from the disastrous US fumbling of the crisis:
  • accused China’s Communist Party of deception over the virus
  • “I’m convinced China will never cooperate with a serious investigation unless they are made to do so.”
Graham proposed a “COVID-19 Accountability Act”
  • requiring China provide “a full and complete accounting to any COVID-19 investigation led by the United States, its allies or UN affiliate such as the World Health Organization
  • require certification that China had closed all wet markets
  • bill would authorize the president to impose a range of sanctions
all within 60 days.
It weighed on markets and there is a little more follow through in early Asia.