German health ministry: Increase in virus reproduction rate doesn’t mean an uncontrolled outbreak

The health ministry reaffirms that it is taking the situation very seriously


A key development in the latest coronavirus update in Germany is that the virus reproduction rate saw an increase to 1.13 as of yesterday. Although the measure does come with a bit of lag, it is still a bit of a concern as it exceeds the key threshold of 1.00.

Merkel had previously stated that the country’s healthcare system would reach its capacity by October with a virus reproduction rate of 1.10 but this is a slippery slope to be going down. An increase to 1.30 would mean the healthcare system is maxed out in June.
Despite the figure jumping, I would say we’ll have to see how the trend continues over the next week or so before reaching any real conclusions. If the infection rate remains above 1.00 then, it could very well be a setback for Germany and its plans to reopen the economy.