US president Trump: The US is in the midst of an economic boom

Trump is speaking in Davos, Switzerland

  • US in in the midst of an economic boom like never seen before
  • Trade deals with China, Mexico represent new model for the 21st century
  • US economy was in a dismal state under the previous administration
  • Says he is creating the most ‘inclusive’ economy in the history of the country
  • Fed has raised rates too fast and lowered them too slow
It looks more like he is setting the stage for an election campaign speech, as he is talking down US and global economic growth under the previous administration before going on to talk about how things have changed ever since he took office.
Oh my, he is still going on about how the US has benefited from his presidency and the changes brought upon by his administration. I don’t think that there is going to be anything relevant for markets if things carry on in this manner.