What are the biggest risks to markets in 2020?

Deustche Bank chief economist, Torsten Slok, weighs in with his list

Deustche 2020 risks
There’s plenty to talk about on the list but certainly US-China trade will not play out as straightforward as many would hope. And that’s one of the fancier headlines that will surely grip markets throughout the whole of next year.

Among the other items on the agenda, Brexit uncertainty will still remain a key factor in driving the pound as we move towards negotiations on the future trade relationship – if a Brexit deal can be sorted out that is.
The risks associated with the repo and the Fed will also be something to note, although it isn’t that highly debated after the brief scare in September.
What do you think is the biggest risk to markets in 2020? Anything not on the list that you think is relevant? Feel free to share them in the comments.