Alibaba sets a singles day record of 268.4B yuan

The biggest shopping it day of the year on Alibaba

For those who may be interested. the Alibaba’s Singles Day is over and it set a record with sales of 268.4B yuan. That corresponds roughly to about 38 billion of sales.
The huge day has not helped the ADRs in the US. Alibaba shares are trading at 184.18, down -$2.98 on the day.
The US market in general still remains in the red for the day:
  • The S&P index is down -10.17 points or -0.33% at 3082.91. The high reached 3084.91. The low extended to 3075.82.
  • The NASDAQ index is down -24.4 points or -0.29% at 8450.81. The high reached a 84589. The low extended to 8425.48
  • The Dow is trading down -110 points or -0.40% at 27571.50. The hi reached 27602.50. The low extended to 27517.67

If it’s any consolation for Alibaba, Amazon (a comparable) is also trading lower. It stock price is down $-13.38 or -0.75% at $1772.50.