Pres. Trump has not yet decided to rollback tariffs with China

Says China would like to have them rollback

  • Has not yet decided on rollback of tariffs with China
  • Says he isn’t concerned about anything on impeachment
  • Says he won’t fully rollback China tariffs
  • Says he could sign it trade deal with Xi in Iowa
  • Says he plans to sign any China trade deal in the US
  • Says China wants make a deal
  • I am very happy with taking in billions of dollars from China in tariffs.
The comment that he won’t FULLY rollback China tariffs is open to interpretation.
  • Does it mean that he won’t initially fully rollback the tariffs?
  • Does it mean he will be reluctant to rollback all the tariffs over time?  The President does have a tendency to like to get back what was taken.  He also thinks the tariffs are paid by China directly.
  • Does it mean, there will be some rollback initially. Peter Navarro said earlier that the December 15 tariffs would be postponed on a Phase I  deal, but the existing tariffs would remain to encourage Phase II and Phase III talks to proceed