China announces plans for the economy

Some plans from the China government to support the economy

  • Plans to deepen medium and small lenders reforms, and to improve their governance and internal risk control
  • To deepen state owned enterprise reforms, support medium and small firms to develop
  • To improve legal environment that supports private economy and foreign entities
  • to prevent various kinds of risks and to keep a stable economy
  • to support capital replenishment of small to medium banks via multiple channels
  • to strengthen financial infrastructure supervision and development
  • to make financial institutions, local governments and financial regulators to carry out their responsibilities
  • China is set a punitive compensation system for intellectual property infringement (is that internally in China or does it include compensation to foreign companies that are subject to IP infringement?)
A list of “to do’s” as the US -China trade talks continue toward a Phase I fnish line (which is not yet reached).