Overnight US Market : Major US indices all close at record levels

The hat trick for the 3 major indices in the US

It’s a hat trick.  In gains with goals, a hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals in the same game.
Well stock trading is not goal scoring, but there are 3 major indices in the US and today, for the first time in a number of months (since mid July), each of the major indices closed at a record levels.  The Dow joined the S&P and Nasdaq in making new all-time highs . The S&P and NASDAQ started to make new highs last week .
Happy days are here again.
The final numbers are showing:
  • The S&P index +11.36 points or 0.37% at 3078.27
  • The NASDAQ index is up 46.802 points or 0.56% at 8433.19
  • The Dow is up 114.75 points or 0.42% at 27462.13.

Uber reported earnings after the close and the market is disappointed with a loss of $0.68 a share versus the loss expected of -$0.81%. Uber sees FY Adj EBITDA loss of $2.8B-2.9B. See loss of $3B -$3.2B. The price is down over 5% in extended hours trading.