US auctions off 30 year bond at 2.170% vs WI level of 2.169%

US auctions off $16 billion of 30 year bonds

  • High yield 2.17% versus WI of 2.169%
  • Bid to cover 2.25x vs six-month average of 2.23x
  • Dealers took 22.94%. vs six-month average of 27.3%
  • Directs 18.5% vs six-month average of 18.8%
  • Indirects 58.5% vs six-month average of 67.2%
the US treasury completed its refunding by selling 16 billion of 30 year bonds at a high yield of 2.17%. That was slightly above the 2.169% level at the auction time. The bid to cover was near the six-month average. Dealers took a lower percentage than the average at 22.94% suggesting a distribution of the auction to nondealer participants.
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