European shares ended the session higher on the day

US stocks keep gains and trade near highs

the European major indices ended the session today with gains, with France’s CAC and Spain’s Ibex having the largest gains (around 1.25%). THe UK FTSE laggged at 0.28%.

Meanwhile US shares remain higher but below their peaks. All 3 indices were up about 1% at the highs. They are currently between up 0.82% (for the Dow) and 0.88% (for the Nasdaq).
US stocks keep gains and trade near highs_In the European debt market, yields have soared higher with the UK yield up the most at 12.8 basis points on hopes for a successful Brexit deal. The German yield is up 7.9 basis points. France’s yields are up 7.6 basis points.
European yields are soaring higher in trading today