US President Trump says China is doing poorly, wants to make a deal

I believe this is what the psychiatrists refer to as ‘projection’.

And, more:
  • US consumers may have to pay more to cover costs of tariffs
(ps there is no may about it)
  • Does not think China would retaliate for an increase in tariffs
Still going:
  • thinks trade war with China will be fairly short
  • he understands September meeting between US and China negotiators is still on
  • Powell should be cutting rates, other countries are cutting and we should stay even
I believe this is what the psychiatrists refer to as 'projection'.
Oh, if you are down this far …. here are some Asia rumours beginning to do the rounds:
  • China has frozen mainland assets of Hong Kong citizens
  • Yang Jiechi delivered letter to Trump – with news that China is to to fully take over Hong Kong…. in return China to sign 153 pages of previous agreement on trade deal and buys 10-30 bln $ farm products
Juicy rumours but that’s all they are. Make up your own mind. I can’t see China caving in and signing the previous agreement FWIW. And, if China want to snaffle up HK they’ll do so regardless.