US stocks off lows but stay in the red for the entire day

Major indices fall over -1.2% on the day

The US stocks started the day in the red and ended in the red. In between, it was in the red too.
The best the major indices could do today was:
  • S&P -0.38%
  • Nasdaq  – 0.43%
  • Dow, -0.41%.
The low point for each was:
  • S&P, -1.56%
  • Nasdaq, -1.57%
  • Dow, -1.76%
The closing levels for each was:
  • S&P, -1.23%, down -35.97 points
  • Nasdaq, -1.20%, down -95.73 points
  • Dow, -1.49%. down -391 points.
Not a good day for the major indices as trade concerns and anxiety over Hong Kong developments, has the major indices worried.
Below is a graphical represenation of the major US and European % highs, lows and closes.  The European shares ended lower, giving up earlier gains in the day.