US-China trade talks reportedly hit a snag because US ‘kept adding new demands’ to negotiations

Latest report by the SCMP

China US

The report cites two separate sources in saying that the breakdown in US-China trade talks arose as China’s Liu He met up with US’ Lighthizer and Mnuchin only for the US side to make additional demands in the late stages of the negotiations.

Adding that those demands would’ve “directly affect China’s political and social stability”, and that Beijing was particularly angered by the additional tariffs and what it saw as the US’ attempt to shift the blame to China.

For me, the remark in bold stands out the most as if China strongly feels that way about the situation – which wouldn’t be the most surprising thing – then it basically would mean that we may not see either side return to the negotiating table unless egos give way.
The full report can be found here, and details further issues on currency manipulation and a supposedly monitoring mechanism. But the crux of it is that China just cannot accept making such commitments as it would compromise their own principles.