US 10-year Treasury yields fall to lowest level since October 2017

Treasury yields extend decline as risk sentiment grows softer


That is keeping further pressure on yen pairs today with USD/JPY trading at session lows currently at 109.25. Despite the slight optimism among equities in Asia Pacific trading, bonds/Treasuries did not buy it for a second and we’re seeing market sentiment start to favour bond traders on the session now.
European equities are posting notable declines while US equity futures are down by 0.2% now after having been up by 0.2% at the start of the European morning.
There isn’t any fresh headlines that is driving the move here but lingering trade tensions is surely the major culprit. As highlighted yesterday,¬†China’s April data is far from convincing of any near-term relief for the global economy¬†and with trade tensions left unresolved, the worst could be yet to come.