China Global Times: US tries to suppress China, steal away interests, wants to rob China

A very strongly worded opinion piece in the Chinese press, Global Times

When I say strongly worded, this (bolding mine, very confrontational):
  • What on earth does the US want with China? … Does it … seek to break the Chinese economy as its ultimate goal? 
  • For the sake of …  world peace … 
  • Washington rudely tries to use a tariff war to suppress China. US vice president and US secretary of state issued fierce speeches recently. The US is also opposing almost all of China’s actions on the international stage and is suppressing Huawei savagely. This behavior makes most Chinese believe the US is against China’s development, and the real purpose of the US is to deprive China of its development ability and the so-called fair trade is just an excuse for stealing away interests. In other words, the US wants to rob China of not only its money but also its future.
Media in China is not free of state control (cough) – this opinion piece won’t be too far out of line with official thinking.
Not a risk positive.
Chinese press, Global Times Xi at war with the US