Holidays in the UK and US will keep a lid on things but here are 5 things to watch

It’s Memorial Day

Not all holidays are created equally. Some are widely observed while others pull people into the office (or the market) anyway.
Memorial Day is one of the holidays where offices shut down. Moreover, nothing happened on the weekend that would have pulled anyone in. So it’s likely going to be a quiet one, especially with the UK on holiday as well.
However there are a few things I will be watching today:
  1. Fallout and analysis from the EU elections.
  2. Bitcoin is up 10% today to $8812
  3. Tomorrow’s European meetings will set the stage for a new ECB President
  4. Greek yields fall to record lows after Syriza struggled in EU elections
  5. Trump said in Japan (on China): “They would like to make a deal. We’re not ready to make a deal” and that tariffs “could go up very, very substantially, very easily.”